Expert’s Advice on Writing University of Iowa Application Essay Prompt

How Important Is the University of Iowa Application Essay?

With more than 33 thousand students studying at the University of Iowa, you will have plenty of company and an opportunity to study more than 200 majors within this institution that was established in 1847. The University of Iowa is not an overly competitive university to get into with more than 80% of applicants gaining a place. However, if your grades and test scores are not on the higher side you will want to pay attention to how you write your application essay. Answering the University of Iowa application essay prompt well can help your application to stand out and help you to be selected over others that have similar scores to you. However, writing one in a way that is going to get you noticed is far from easy. Many students have real problems with writing something that is going to help them to stand out in any meaningful way. Our University of Iowa essay help has been helping students to come up with excellent responses to writing prompt questions for many years.

Through our services, you will be able to work with a writer that will fully understand the University of Iowa admission process as well as have all of the writing and language skills to craft that perfect essay. The cost of attendance and the ease of entrance makes this a very popular university for many subjects.

university of iowa application essay prompt

What Is the University of Iowa Application Essay Prompt?

The University of Iowa admission requirements do vary across the more than 200 different subject areas and subspecialties that they offer. You will always need to check the specific course that you are applying to for their specific requirements and the application deadline that you must meet. Applying to the U of I is done directly through their website; they do not use the Common or the Coalition Application services for the application.

You will need to register electronically on the UI site to make your application and can then submit all of the information that they require directly to them. As already stated this varies between each school and also individual subjects so you will need to check each one.

The University of Iowa application essay will also vary according to the subject but all follow a similar prompt. The following, for instance, is the prompt for education courses and other subjects will follow a similar format:

“Please describe on a personal and professional level why you want to be a teacher, and specifically in the particular program area to which you are applying”

To answer this prompt you should consider all of the following areas to provide a valid response that will get you noticed:

  • Show your personal reasons and motivations for wanting to study in your field. Try to be specific, do not make statements that are broad or so generic they could be about anyone.
  • Be personal, only talk about yourself and not others as they are looking to learn about you.
  • Give an idea as to where you expect your studies to take you and where you see your future career heading.
  • Work carefully on your opening line as you will want to make an impression and make them want to read on.
  • Tell a story; don’t simply list like you would within your resume. A good relevant anecdote will provide you with a storyline and something of interest to maintain their attention.
  • Use language that everyone can understand; do not, however, use acronyms or slang of any kind.
  • Be relevant; don’t start talking about anything that is neither relevant to your gaining a place or the course that you are applying to.
  • Use good and concise examples to demonstrate what you have done and achieved, do not simply make claims that are not supported in any way.

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