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Is Your Personal Statement for College Really That Important?

college application personal statementGetting into the right college can have a huge impact on your future, but getting in is not going to be easy. All colleges are oversubscribed which means that you will have to compete with other candidates to gain a place on your chosen course. Some of the top colleges have acceptance rates that are in single digits, MIT and the University of Chicago, for instance, will only admit just 8% of those that apply. So getting in will mean making an application that will get you noticed.

The college application personal statement is almost certainly going to be your most important document when you make your application. The college is not simply going to select those applicants with the highest GPA scores. They want to know far more about you than just what marks you have gained. Your personal statements for college are your opportunity to sell yourself to the committee and to make yourself memorable so that you have a significant edge when the decisions are made. Our professional help can support you with a full range of help from our college application essay editing services, writing help and proofreading support. All of the help that is provided through our specialist services is tailored to the needs that you have and delivered in a way that will be effective for you.

Our professional personal statement writing service has supported students from all around the world for many years. Through our specialized support, you will be able to get access to some of the best qualified and proven writing experts in this area. Our services come with a host of guarantees and we are confident that you will be fully satisfied with the level of support that we provide and the quality of our writing.

How Do We Provide Our College Application Personal Statement Help?

Writing a personal statement for college application is something that needs to be approached with great thought. You are going to have to clearly demonstrate how well-suited you are to study with them. Your personal statement must show off your personal achievements and show your personal ambitions for the future. It is therefore not something that can be provided off of the shelf of copied from elsewhere. Submitting a copied or highly generic personal statement is not going to win you the place that you need.

Our services provide you with direct access to your expert. Our personal statement writer service works through direct communication with a specialist in your area of application. This allows them to be able to draw out the personal information about you that will make your application engaging and effective,

They write with you to create a personal statement that is going to be totally unique while fully reflecting what the committee will want to know about you. You will be able to review the draft through the member’s area of our site once complete and request an unlimited number of revisions. We want you to confidently submit your application and that means working with you to make any changes you need until you are totally satisfied with your statement.

Our Writers Are Perfect for Writing Personal Statement College Application

personal statement for collegeWriting a personal statement that is going to engage the reader while communicating everything that they want to know about you is not easy. You have to have a full understanding of not just how to write the different prompt answers but also exactly what the expectations of the different programs are with regards to skills, work experience, and personal qualities. This is why you will want to work with the experts provided through our personal statement help.

We have been writing personal statement prompts for several years and have formed a team of highly specialized and skilled writers that cover all of the different subject areas that you may be applying within. When you come to us for help writing a personal statement we will carefully review your order and assign the member of our team that has the correct skills and experience to support your needs.

When you work with us your specialist will be:

  • A writer with many years of experience writing personal statements at your level of application
  • Will completely understand what the colleges you are applying to want to see
  • Knows the application process inside out
  • Speaks excellent English and can write engaging and effective prose

We know that our writers can provide you with a statement that will be attention-grabbing. As this from Virginia Commonwealth University says:

“Capturing the reader’s attention at the start is an essential element of a good essay because your essay is when the admissions staff meets you, albeit on paper. That first sentence certainly made me want to read more and to learn more about the applicant.”

The Advantages of Our Support for Writing Personal Statement College Application

college admission helperBeing accepted into the right program is not going to be easy but our professional support will be able to provide you with the edge that you need over your competition. Our experts work tirelessly with you to ensure that your personal statement will be written to you full satisfaction so that you can submit it with confidence.

With the best writers and editors and all of the following advantages we are confident that you will be happy with the support that you receive through our specialized services for your college personal statement:

  • Online support available 24/7: Order tracking through our easy to use members area.
  • Free proofreading with all of the services that we provide: You can be sure your writing is free from any issues
  • Totally unique writing: We always write from scratch and your statement is clearly written about you. We also provide you with a free plagiarism report.
  • A quick turnaround on our help: You can select your deadline which can be as quick as only 12 hours. We will always guarantee to deliver your support on time.
  • Money back guarantee: If we are unable to provide you with a statement that you want to satisfy your requirements then our services will provide you with a full refund.

Submit a college application personal statement that you can be proud of with the help and support of our highly skilled and dedicated application essay writers!