College Application Essay Sample

Can College Application Prompt Examples and Answers Help You?

college application essay sampleGetting into your selected college requires more than just simply meeting their minimum requirements for GPA. You have to compete with many others for a place, the top 10 colleges in the US will accept less than 10% of those that apply to them. So simply getting noticed means providing an application that will really make you stand out.

A good college application essay sample while showing you the standard that is expected of you will also give you many pointers as to how your own needs to be written if you are going to make a successful application. A well-written application essay can be the deciding factor in getting selected so it is vital that you get yours written to the highest possible standard. This means taking advantage of all of the help that you can find to improve your writing.

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How Do You Use a College Application Essay Sample

Sample answers to writing prompt questions are an ideal way to see how others will go about writing their application for a scholarship, community college or university. Seeing how others have approached answering a sample essay prompt will show you the style of writing that you need to adopt as well as the areas that you should be covering with your writing. College application essay prompt examples show you just how your own needs to formatted and can provide you with a huge amount of inspiration for your own writing.

No matter good a college application essay format sample appears to be you should not follow it blindly. Review it to make sure that it really is as good as it claims to be. You also cannot simply copy a sample prompt and essay. Your own essay must always be totally unique to you and written in an original and unique manner.

How to Write Your College Application Essay

sample essay promptEven if you look at a good sample prompt essay it will not be enough on its own to provide you with everything that you need to write that exceptional essay. The following professional writing tips will help you to ensure that your application essay will be written to a high standard:

  • Review the specific prompt that you are required to answer and ensure that you do actually answer it. Many students get carried away with their writing and neglect to actually cover the prompt that has been provided.
  • Cover the main areas that the committee will want to know about you. These will typically cover all of the following:
    • Why do you want to study this specific subject area? When and how did you become interested?
    • What steps did you already take to pursue your interest in this major?
    • Where do you see your future career taking you and how much further will you take your education?
    • What are the skills that make you suited for this subject area?
    • Are there any specific reasons for applying to this college?
  • Do your homework on the program that you are applying to so that you are able to identify and cover anything that they specifically expect from an applicant.
  • Your opening line has great importance. Like writing an article you will want to get the attention of the reader right from the start and make them want to find out more about you.
  • Use a good anecdote to provide your application with a good storyline. You need to tell a story about yourself to maintain their interest rather than simply listing facts.
  • Use language that anyone can understand. Don’t try to be clever by using unusual words. Never use slang, text speak, emojis, or acronyms.
  • Write about yourself, the committee wants to learn about you so you should never talk about other people.
  • Stay relevant, your essay has a limited word count and you will want to ensure that each and every word will have an impact on your chances of being selected.
  • Write in a very concise manner. Avoid all forms of wordiness and avoid any fluff or filler in your writing.
  • Use your own words throughout your essay; never copy anything and do not even use quotations.
  • Proofread your writing so that there are no possible errors that can reach the committee.

As Paige Carlottis says writing for USA Today:

“Since the admissions officers only spend a brief amount of time reviewing stories, it’s pivotal that you engage them from the very beginning.”

We Can Help Write Your Application Essays

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