10 Rules for Writing West Chester University Application Essay

How Important Is Your Answer to the West Chester University College Essay Prompt

Not many people realize that amongst many other things West Chester University is the national center for formal poetry. It also offers over 100 undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a wide range of areas. West Chester University is a fairly selective institution and only accepts just over 50% of those that apply. So getting in will require you to make a convincing application that will make you stand out. Your West Chester University application essay will often be the most important part of any application that you will make. It is your chance to clearly show the admissions committee who you are and why it is that they should be looking to accept you. Writing a personal statement that is capable of getting their attention, however, is not at all simple. This is why so many students each year will make use of our application essay writing service online.

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west chester university application essay

How Should You Write Your West Chester University Application Essay?

West Chester University admissions applications are made directly through their website and not through the Coalition or Common applications. The West Chester University admissions requirements are clearly stated on their website and will include the requirement for a personal statement of application essay as part of the admission steps.

There is, however, no firm West Chester University applications essay prompt or other requirements that you must follow. You must simply write a “personal statement” detailing why you wish to apply. To write this effectively you should follow the advice and writing process provided here:

  1. Tailor your essay; always carefully read the web page pages relating to the specific course and faculty that you are applying to so that you can ensure that you reflect what they are specifically looking for within your essay.
  2. Cover all of the areas that they will want to know about you within your personal statement. Usually, this will include all of the following:
    • Why do you have an interest in the subject you are applying to study?
    • What have you already done in the way of volunteering, summer work, studies, and other routes to pursue your passion already?
    • Where do you expect your career and future education to take you?
    • What are the specific skills that you have that suit you for this area?
    • Why are you specifically applying to WCU?
  3. Take care with your opening line, this should always be considered your hook and must be able to make anyone reading want to know more about you.
  4. Tell a story; select an anecdote around which you can create a clear flow for your essay. Do not simply stitch together unrelated and disjointed facts.
  5. Use language and words that everyone can understand. Don’t try to be clever with how you write or use unusual words plucked from the thesaurus.
  6. Write about yourself; this is a personal statement so it should only be talking about you and not about others.
  7. Be truthful; do not lie or embellish the truth to show what you think they want to see rather than who you really are.
  8. Be concise with your writing; avoid words that are unnecessary and get straight to the point with your writing.
  9. Don’t include anything that is not totally relevant to your application; if it does not add to your chances of being selected then it does not belong within your application essay.
  10. Edit and proofread your writing very carefully. Simple mistakes will make a very poor first impression and can easily lose you the chance of being accepted.

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