Application Essay Prompt

Do You Need Help to Answer College Essay Prompts?

college admission requirementsWhen you apply to college you will be expected to provide an application that will not only contain all of your results and grades but also a personal statement or application essay. This essay is your opportunity to show the admissions committee who you are and why they should be accepting you. Often this essay will be the deciding factor in whether you will be accepted or not.

Application essay prompts are the questions that are posed against which your statement should be written. It is important that you actually answer the college essay prompts that you are set as not doing so will show that you have not been able to follow the instructions that you have been provided. Some students, however, get so caught up in trying to tell that attention grabbing and unique story that they lose sight of the prompt that has been set.

Whether you are applying to a college directly or through a centralized system you will be expected to provide an essay. The common application which services over 700 colleges has 7 prompts that you can choose from. The application essay that you write through their system should be no longer than 650 words and must be able to show you off in the best light while answering the chosen prompt.

Writing Effective Prompt Answers

college essay promptsAnswering writing prompt questions is not always simple and many students get hung up trying to decide which prompt to use and how they should answer it. This will often result in an essay that is simply not going to get you noticed. With most college places being oversubscribed it is, however, vital that you are able to write an essay that is going to make you stand out.

The following are a few suggestions as to how you can ensure that you provide an effective essay that will answer the prompt that you have chosen:

  • Don’t start with the prompts; identify the most interesting things about you that make you the person that you are. What has happened in your life that makes for a great story? Do you want to get their attention so what will make the best story about you?
  • Match your story to the prompt that best fits your anecdote; this is fairly easy with the common app as the final question allows you to “share an essay on any topic of your choice.”
  • Work on your opening line; like an article in a magazine you want your reader to want to read on just because of what you have written in that first all important sentence.
  • Ensure that your essay flows; you are telling a story about yourself, not simply listing out facts about yourself as you would if you were writing a resume. Your chosen anecdote will provide you with the storyline that you require.
  • Ensure that you clearly answer the prompt and tie it into your conclusion to show its relevance.

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